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Childbirth education is incredibly important for all families expecting, not just for homebirth or birth center couples but for those planning hospital births as well.  Jamin, Chrisi, and La Shel discuss everything from proper nutrition for a healthy pregnancy to trust in birth, risk and benefits of pain medication in childbirth, birth plans, understanding and coping with labor, the postpartum period and much more.

Typically classes meet in a small group of three to six couples in a comfortable and nurturing environment. At these classes you’ll receive lots of practical information regarding the different stages of pregnancy, labor and delivery, and the care of your newborn child through thought- provoking dialogue, memorable exercises and interesting videos.

Jamin, Chrisi, and La Shel strive to provide answers to all your important questions. Their approach to childbirth education is based on a holistic model: exploring not only the physiology of childbirth and pregnancy, but also the implications of the physiological and emotional aspects of the birth experience.

Their classes help pregnant women and their partners clarify their values, release fear, cultivate intuition and develop confidence for childbirth and parenting. They will help you to make more informed choices about birth and the care of your baby based on knowledge of benefits, risks and alternatives to obstetrical procedures.

Birth and Parenting Preparation with Kanuwena Perryman

I am humbled and inspired by the strength, commitment and love of the hundreds of couples I’ve been honored to support in preparing for their child’s birth in my group and private classes which I began teaching in 2001. Couples who prepare for childbirth and are well supported, report having a greater sense of accomplishment and joy during and after the birth of their baby. In class you will learn what your options are, how to avoid unnecessary interventions, and align with your choices in any birth environment. You will form a deep understanding and broad perspective of the birth process and how to participate with it. You will practice pain coping, positions, touch, creating a supportive space, focusing, coping with fears, pre-natal bonding, deep relaxation, visualizations and affirmations.

Please join me, Kanuwena Perryman, wife, mother of three, sister, friend, doula, hypnotherapist, and ‘Birthing from Within’ influenced childbirth class instructor, in preparing to welcome your baby.

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With unique and extensive medical backgrounds and comprehensive experience, they will evaluate available methodologies in order to provide and enable you with the safest and most rewarding prenatal, birthing and postpartum experiences.

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