Newborn Care

After the birth and once the family has had time to quietly and privately bond with the baby, your midwife will give the newborn a thorough head-to-toe examination and the weight, measurements and reflexes will be checked. According to the parents’ wishes, an injection of vitamin K and an antibiotic eye ointment can be administered.

Jamin, Chrisi, and La Shel will discuss these procedures with you prior to labor and delivery. They strongly believe in assisting and allowing parents to make informed choices. They can assist with breastfeeding and offer baby care advice from swaddling to diaper changing.  All newborn testing available at the hospital is also offered through San Diego Midwife.

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With unique and extensive medical backgrounds and comprehensive experience, they will evaluate available methodologies in order to provide and enable you with the safest and most rewarding prenatal, birthing and postpartum experiences.

Please contact San Diego Midwife at (760) 936-4165 or email with any questions and to schedule your free consultation. Please include your phone number if you would like a call back. The office is located at Indigo Dragon 451 La Veta Avenue, Encinitas, CA 92024.